EdTech Station goes international: state of play in Belgium and other European countries

1 Sep


Event communication in English


September 1, 2022 - 19.30h

For whom? 

For members of <edtech/station>


At Hangar K

Nelson Mandelaplein 2

8500 Kortrijk


  • 19.30h: Doors
  • 20.00h: Intro & welcome by Thomas Van Cauwenberghe, Station Chief of <edtech/station>
  • 20.10h: EdTech in Belgium
  • 20.30h: EdTech in France by Aurite Kouts
  • 20.50h: EdTech in the Nordics by Jonathan Viner
  • 21.10h: EdTech in the UK by Carla Aerts
  • 21.30h: Global EdTech + Q&A Round table
  • 21.45h: Meet & greet, networking and drinks

Aurite Kouts is community lead at Cap Digital (Paris), the biggest business clusterin Europe in the digital field. She is supporting the EdTech, creative &media industries members of Cap Digital, through platforms, market studies,projects & events.

Jonathan Viner is the Founder of 10Digits, an independent consultancy that provides actionable insight and hands-on support to leading EdTech entrepreneurs. He also publishes the fortnightly Nordic EdTech News newsletter and is a regular commentator, speaker and writer on global EdTech trends. He lives in Sweden.

Carla Aerts has been working in London for years and follows the evolutions in educational technology, both in the UK and worldwide. She is an expert, strategist and EdTech learning scientist and is active as Director of Digital Change at Hodder, London. She also is a member of a number of steering committees and boards of directors worldwide.

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