Investment for and in EdTech companies

27 Oct



·      19h30: Doors & registration

·      20h-20h15: Intro & welcome by Thomas Van Cauwenberghe, Aelbrecht Van Damme & Clotilde Annez

·      20h15-20h30: The EdTech world (market and research) by Prof. and vice-rector of KU Leuven Kulak Piet Desmet

·      20h30-20h50: The financing trajectory in practice: interview with Kevin Tillier, CEO of Myskillcamp, moderated by Aelbrecht Van Damme

·      20h50-21h: Break

·      21h-21h40: Pitch of 3 high quality EdTech companies in search of funding (guided by Clotilde Annez) + Q&A

·      21h40-… : Networking drink & walking dinner


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