Meet & greet with EdTech in the Netherlands

26 Sep


Meet & Greet with Edtech in the Netherlands

Together with Amazon Web Services for Edtech and our Dutch colleague EdTech hubs Dutch Edtech & The Dutch School, <edtech/station> & AGORIA are organizing a Meet & Greet for our members and prospect members.


26th of September 2022


Amazon's Headquarters in Amsterdam.

For whom? 

All EdTech entrepreneurs big and small from NL, BE and LU are invited! 

What's on the program?

Speakers from <edtech/station> and AGORIA will present the Belgian EdTech landscape, The Dutch School and Dutch EdTech will talk about EdTech in the Netherlands.
Since there is also a lot going on in EdTech around AVG/GDPR and cloud providers in education, we will also hear about AWS's approach in this.

Afterwards, there will be a ‘borrel’ (we are in Amsterdam 😉) and thus opportunity for networking.

We plan to travel together with an <edtech/station> bus leaving from Ghent (@10h, park& ride Gentbrugge) picking up people in Antwerp (@10.45h, near the CrownPlaza Hotel), heading towards Amsterdam.

Before the start of the event in Amsterdam, we’ll have a quick lunch together.

Travel and lunch offered by <edtech / station> and AGORIA. 

Be quick, places are limited!

Let's keep in touch!

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