Presenting the Belgian EdTech barometer + EdTech Showcase Limburg

6 Mar


On Monday, 6 March, EdTech Station will proudly present the EdTech barometer in the presence of Jo Brouns, Minister of Innovation. The EdTech barometer is a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the current Belgian EdTech landscape, a study made by EdTech Station in collaboration with and with the help of mynd.

  • 8u00 - 8u45: Welcome + breakfast
  • 8u45 - 9u05: Introducing the Belgian EdTech barometer
  • 9u05 - 9u20: Keynote by minister Jo Brouns
  • 9u20 - 9u45: Coffee break
  • 9u45 - 10u25: EdTech cases focusing on L&D
  • 10u25 - 11u05: EdTech cases focusing on education (in schools)
  • 11u05 - 11u20: Closing
  • 11u20 - 12u00: Reception

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